Manuals / Expositions / Paperwork

The key to all NAA approvals is Quality System supported by manuals, expositions and associated paperwork included but not limited such as procedures, checklists, forms and more.

We pride ourselves in helping clients comply with EASA regulations, for either a start-up operation, or an experienced operator needing help during approval variations, or extensions of capability. Our team of expert staff (many of whom have extensive experience as NAA approval post holders) can write Expositions, Procedures, Checklist and associated forms for EASA Part-M and Part-145 organizations such as but not limited:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (M.A.704)
  • Maintenance Organization Exposition (145.A.70)
  • Maintenance Contracts (M.A. 708 (c))
  • Technical Log (M.A. 306)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program (M.A. 302)

Aircraft Survey